Administrative organization: an eligible organization that submits a funding proposal and is responsible for managing funding when the funding proposal is approved. A6.4.6 Applicants are advised that systems may have different limits in other funding rules. Applicants should determine whether the application or implementation of a project under these funding rules impairs the eligibility of other CRA assistance programs. The CRA reserves the right to change the boundaries of projects and proposals in future funding rounds. Funding rules for all CRA programs are available on the CRA website. A9.1.1 The CRA manages the evaluation of proposals. The CRA may make funding recommendations to the Minister on the basis of any number of evaluations or solely on the basis of his expertise. Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) appoints a panel of industry and science experts who have been appointed to assist the CRA in evaluating proposals and recommending CEO funding. A CAS can be drawn by the CRA`s College of Experts. 12.1.2 If necessary, progress reports must be submitted by March 31 in the following year for each full calendar year for which the appropriations were granted in craS management. E.

The publication and dissemination of project results and public relations costs can be supported at a rate of 2 (2) per cent of the CRA`s total funding for the project and excludes patent and ownership costs. This should not be requested as an individual budget item. The CRA encourages publication in publicly accessible outlets and the filing of project-based data and publications in an appropriate specialized and/or institutional repository. Linkage Projects Funding Rules for funding in tonthering in 2013 Proposal means a request to the ARC for provision of funding which is submitteance in accordance to the Funding Rules. A6.1.4 Unless the A6.4.5 subsection is otherwise provided, a proposal may only be submitted for funding under a program that the participant or participants may maintain under these rules on the date of the evaluation of the active project.