11.6 (1) At the request of the store occupant, the city may exempt the store from any verification provision under section 148 of the 2001 Municipal Act, on the specific days and occasions mentioned in the by-law. 2000, about 5, see 3 (4); 2002, about 17, Sched. F, painting. (3) Despite the subsection (1), the city`s agreement is not required if the service or agency is rendered legally on December 31, 2000, provided that the service or agency continues to be used for the same purpose. 2000, about 5, see 3 (4). (2) The power of the city is subject to the Liquor License Act. 2000, approximately 5, see 3 (4). (a) the city, for the part of the communal territory to which Amland`s power applied or the tax on 31 December 2000, has all the powers and obligations of an old commune, in accordance with a general or particular law; and one. In 2002, the city adopted a by-law on the grouping area.

2. The City exercises its land taxation authority with respect to prescribed benefits and does so in the regulatory years and in the prescribed terms. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 16 (2). OPSEU represents workers in too many collective agreement units to provide copies of collective agreements to individual employers on the site. If you can`t find your collective agreement on this page, you can search for it in our private sector – the membership portal. Please log on to the members` portal to verify that your collective agreement has been published for you. Hospital Professionals Division Central Provisions 2019-2022 HPD Central Agreement 14 The City may, in accordance with Part XII of the 2001 Municipal Act, adopt a pricing or royalty status to recover all or part of the costs of installation, construction, maintenance, operation, expansion, improvement and financing of wastewater collection and disposal. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, 14; 2002, about 17, Sched. F, painting.

(8) The City inserts in its budget (as in Section 290 of the Municipal Act 2001) for one year the amounts resulting from an increase or reduction in tax rates under this section for the year. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 13 (8); 2002, about 17, Sched. F, painting. 2. The city cannot exempt a transaction for more than two periods in a calendar year, and each of these periods may not exceed two consecutive days. 2000, about 5, see 3 (4). 2. For the purposes of Subsection 1, the City may exercise its cultural, parks, recreation and heritage powers under the 2001 Municipal Act. 2002, about 17, Sched.

F, painting. (c) an agreement under Part VIII of the Police Services Act; (“collective of conventions”) (4) No conciliation arbitrator is appointed for a collective agreement dispute described in subsection (3) of the collective agreement. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 28 (4). “grouping zone,” a former municipality that is part of the city; (“merged sector”) 5. The city cannot pass a by-law under this section for 2009 or the following year. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 13 (5). b) provided in 2001 by or on behalf of the city or a local city advisory council in the merged area. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 12 (2).

(12) Any action to the contrary of the city taken in accordance with this section, whether adopted before or after a regulation under the subsection (9), has no effect, as long as it does not comply with the regulations. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 13 (12). 3. Subject to subsection regulation (5), designate one or more areas of the city as territory where residents and landowners receive or receive an additional communal benefit from the particular service that is not or is not received in the other merged areas of the city.