(2) fall within the scope of the supervisory physician`s field of activity; and (3) the training, training and experience of the certified medical assistant or registered specialist assistant. (e) Prescriptions, certificates and medical prescriptions may be issued by a licensed medical assistant, as provided in this subdivision, when mandated by the supervisory physician. A medical assistant works under the supervision of a licensed physician responsible for the delivery of the medical assistant and the overall care of the patient. The medical assistant may have more than one supervisory physician; However, there must be a clearly designated and available supervisory physician at all times. I have PA staff who see patients regularly. Is there anything I`m worried about? How many supervisors do I have to do? c) No physician may employ or supervise more than four registered medical assistants and two registered professional assistants in his private practice. (g) Qualified persons may be registered as specialized assistants in the following categories: Notwithstanding an inconsistent provision of a general right, individual or local, any medical assistant duly authorized in that state, who voluntarily and without waiting for financial compensation, first aid or emergency care at the scene of an accident or other emergency, outside a hospital , a medical practice or any other place with proper and necessary medical equipment for an unconscious, sick or injured person, it is not responsible for the damage caused by injuries that would have been suffered by that person, nor for the damage caused to the death of that person, allegedly due to an act or omission during the provision of such first aid or such emergency treatment. , unless it is established that these injuries were caused by the gross negligence of this medical assistant or that death was caused. Nothing in this section is considered to be untraceable or designed to exempt a licensed medical assistant from liability in the event of injury or death caused by an act or omission of a medical assistant, while providing professional services in the normal and usual course of his office. Additional compliance issues may arise when “incident” services are billed to medical services “in order to obtain a full refund. Given the various regulatory pitfalls, I strongly recommend that any practice using P.A.

implement a protocol for monitoring and monitoring the PA through its compliance plan and personnel guidelines, to ensure that the practice complies with these services provided and billed.