1.131 In our view, two elements of accountability are essential for the federal government, which can show Canadians the environmental results achieved with respect to Canada`s international environmental agreements: setting performance expectations and measuring and reporting results. The departments responsible for the results clearly indicate the expected results and then measure the results obtained. 1.20 As noted above, the federal government is committed to improving its management efficiency and accountability. It has developed a series of management frameworks and other instruments that could help responsible services define and achieve the desired results under international environmental agreements. 1.17 Responsibility for responsible services. For each agreement, a federal government department is identified as the main department responsible for this agreement. Normally, the lead division is identified as part of the consultation process that leads to Canada`s ratification of an agreement. Publications such as Environment Canada`s Compendium of International Environmental Agreements and Foreign Affairs Canada`s database of international environmental agreements (available on the ministry`s website) run the departments. 1.105 The agreement.

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, particularly as a Waterbird Habitat (the Ramsar Convention), was adopted in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. The agreement entered into force internationally in 1975 and Canada became a contracting party in 1981. The member countries of the Convention have a total of 138 in May 2004 and represent all geographical regions of the world. Because of these barriers, environmental protocols become an obvious goal for several critical points, such as slow production. B of the desired effects (due to the ratification process of the Convention), the maintenance of the lowest common denominator and the lack of monitoring and implementation. They can also be criticized for taking a progressive approach in which the principles of sustainable development indicate that environmental concerns must be taken into account in a coherent manner.